Israel Houghton. Promise Keeper. Travis Greene. Road To DeMaskUs

Isreal Houghton’s Road To DeMaskUs Album cover, with new song ‘Promise Keeper’ Ft. Travis Greene

Israel Houghton unveils the official album cover of his latest album and alongside churns out new music from ‘The Road To DeMaskUs album. This new single titled “Promise Keeper” features multiple Stellar Awards winning artiste Travis Greene.

The Album Cover

From a themed black and white picture, if you are familiar with Israel Houghton you will know how much he likes Black and White, as a matter of fact, his Instagram page reads:

“My page is BLACK & WHITE, Just like my DNA…”

In the cover, Israel Houghton is seen on a desert with his wife Adrienne Bailon, far distant to a mask cast on the ground.

The Road To DeMaskUs actually reads – The Road To Damascus on our minds, and this will remind everyone the story of Saul of Tarsus who later became Paul The Apostle. In reality, the Road to Damascus is a sandy one, being a Desert-like environment, and that is well depicted in this cover.

I believe The Road To DeMaskUs by Israel Houghton is carrying the message of a new identity, forsaking the past and putting on a new self, it speaks of self-discovery on the path of life and the journey of faith as well.

The Road To DeMaskUs Album Download

The Road To DeMaskUs album by Isreal Houghton is now available for


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