Top Gospel Songs 2018 #Week37

The Top Gospel Songs 2018 week 37 is here. The songs of this week from Monday, September 10, -Sunday, September 16, 2018 features Samsong, Laura Abios, and more.

List of Top Gospel Songs 2018 Week 37

  • Laura Abios  – Okaka Feat. Samsong
  • DE-Ola – Joy
  • BOUQUI – King David Feat Angeloh
  • CIA Clique – Nwachinemelu Ft. Kinsu and Dabz
  • Udy Praiz – Uyai Abasi

Download Okaka by Laura Abios Feat. Samsong

Laura Abios. Okaka. Somsong. song Download
Laura Abios Okaka Featuring Samsong

Song Title: Okaka
Artiste: Laura Abios ft Samsong
Album: Okaka (Single)
Release Date: September 10, 2018.

Okaka means The Strong & Mighty God. This is a new worship song by the “You Do Well” Crooner LAURA ABIOS and SAMSONG.

Laura Abios recently dropped two song Agbanilagbatan and I know. Agbanilagbatan is a song that will help you in attributing all God is deserving to Him as relating to His redeeming quality and Power. In addition, I Know is a song that expresses our confidence and belief in God, that no matter how bad, worst or ugly your situation is, God is going to fix it. He is the master fixer if we just keep believing.

Download Laura Abios Okaka feat. Samsong

Download Joy by DE-Ola
Joy by De-ola Lyrics

Song Title: Joy
Artiste: De-Ola
Album: Joy (Single)
Release Date: September 10, 2018.

De-Ola is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising Gospel Artists/ music minister that is making the rounds with her unique style and distinct voice which sets her apart from evereyone known in this genre! She is from the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry, a subsidiary of Christ Embassy. De-Ola here again with a brand new single titled JOY.

Download Joy by DE-Ola

King David by BOUQUI feat Angeloh Download
BUOQUI King david feat Angeloh

Song Title: King David Feat Angeloh
Artiste: BOUQUI
Album: BOUQUI Unstoppabble
Release Date: September 12, 2018.

KING DAVID is a song of praise that attempts to showcase how the KING DAVID danced when the spirit of the lord came upon him. The song is off BOUQUI’s forthcoming album titled BOUQUI Unstoppable.

Download King David by BOUQUI

Download Nwachinemelu by CIA Clique feat. Kinsu and Dabz

Song Title: Nwachinemelu ft. Kinsu and Dabz
Artiste: CIA Clique
Album: Single
Release Date: September 14, 2018

The CIA clique has released a new song for download titled Nwachinemelu meaning ‘Goodness’ featuring Dabz and Kinsu members of the clique and produced by Kinsu. Read more

Download Nwachinelu by CIA Clique featuring Kinsu and Dabz

Download Uyai Abasi by Udy PraizUdy Praiz. Uyai Abasi download

Song Title: Uyai Abasi
Artiste: Udy Praiz
Album: Single
Release Date: September 14, 2018

Udy Praiz drops a new song titled Uyai Abasi for free download. Uyai Absasi means Beautiful God in Efik language of the South-South Nigeria. The song is produced by Dr. ROY. Visit the full page of this song for details about Udy Praiz, the song Uyai Abasi with the lyrics.


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