6 Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know: A Guide To Minimalist Packing

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Last week, I went for a congress meeting in Benue State and I had to find myself in a position of selection again. For someone who is always on the move like me or those who enjoy traveling, there is one thing they all can’t do without aside from booking cheap flights – A bag that you can always run with.
But beyond having a bag, traveling light is another thing we always want to consider, you want to carry a bag and not a burden right…? lol! so if this your story, that you travel a lot, by air, road or waterways, here are few things I know you can do to be more productive by packing light.

1. Where are you going? Consider your destination

There are different packing for different destinations. One major thing is to consider the weather, and the event planned for. For someone traveling via cheap flights from Lagos to New York, Do you need sweat shirts or T Shirts, Jeans or pant trousers? Decide on this and stick with one, if you will stay longer take clothes that are easy to wash and don’t need special dry cleaning.

2. Make a list of things needed for the trip

I learnt this long time ago, no matter how sharp your brain is, you may forget that little vital thing if you decide to start packing on the last minute. Having a list helps in prioritizing what is important and less important on your journey. So make a list and tick them off as you get each of the items needed and if need be, you can screen down your list to a minimum of most needed things.

3. Get a bag that suits your travel.

This is as important as the journey itself. It is so embarrassing when you are denied or delayed because of your luggage, worst case your bag being mishandled by drivers or air hostess in the process of arranging. Hence it is best that your bag is within your reach, I can’t count how many times I have had the need to get or put something in my bag on a journey, so having my bag with me is a non-negotiable deal. This is why I will recommend Jansport bag if you are looking for backpacks in Nigeria for everyone. It fits for a wide range of purposes, and for those who pay much details about their look, Jansport backpack solves it for you, especially when you want to travel light.

4. Select things you need and things you need only

There’s this feeling of having everything along with you on a trip. For example, some ladies make up kits and what they use for their hair could fill what we call ‘Ghana must go’. Jesus is saying “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden”…. Please go with what you need only. You don’t have to make every trip ‘home away from home’.
PS: if you have to choose between a big bag and a small bag, go for the small bag. This is a good way to narrow your list down to the things that are most important on your journey.

5. Always go out with lighter gadgets

I always have to consider this when I am traveling or moving around Lagos, I love blogging from my laptop, but if I won’t be doing something heavy for those days, I go with my iPad and a wireless keyboard. If you will need to travel with a laptop, I will advise you get a laptop backpack. For those who like reading, try and read soft copies or take shots of the pages you’ll be reading.

6. Roll your clothes and don’t fold

Rolling your clothes create more space and it leaves your clothes with less wrinkles than folding. For artistes who have their work on paper or canvas, rolling them up preserves your work as neat as it is.
I hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this tips. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comment box below.
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