A 4-Day Moment ‘Extraordinaire’ For Your Next Weekend

Coming next week September 22-25, 2016, we will be witnessing an extraordinary weekend filled with fun, games, music, artistry and, wait for it…. Food!!!!
RCCG Jesus House brings you a moment worth craving for tagged “Apprehended For Christ
“What does it mean to be apprehended for Christ?”
It means to be Christ’s own, to be on a life journey with Him, and to explore in him, for who the Son Sets Free is free indeed.
We know Jesus is ready to raise the roofs up for his glory, join us as we find out together what He is about to do beyond what we planned, as the youth of RCCG Jesus House host us all on a four day weekend programme, starting on Thursday 22nd of September, 2016.
Thursday 22nd of September 2016: Faith clinic 6:30pm -8pm with effective prayer to help us walk in the steady faith.
Friday the 23rd; we crowd at his abode for lovely worship sections, praise presentation, appreciations, testimonies with the glorious youth voices and many guest acts to the lord by 5pm-9pm.
Saturday; Indoor Games and Dinner (interactive)
Indoor games: playstations, table tennis, ludos, scrabble, chess and many more, at 10;30am till 3pm
while Dinner starts from 5pm till 9pm with Pastor Kayode Odesanya, spoken words poetry and live quality music are on the card as well
Sunday; at 7:30am to 9am Bro. Alafe Anthony teaches us constructively what it means to be “Apprehended for Christ” 
Venue : RCCG Jesus House (Area 24, zone 4, LP44), 30 Asani Street off Ilaje Junction, Bariga.

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