Afunrugbin Stage Play showing at Lagos Theartre Festival 2020

Afunrugbin is an epic stage play that mirrors the biblical story of the parable to the sower… I know you are familiar with the story, but trust me, you have not seen or heard anything like it.

First performed at Harvesters – Gbagada, where I was opportune to witness the premiere, this story was written by Awolowo Bunmi, a Nollywood actress and stage play diva, caught the attention of everyone who was on the seat that day… you will ask me, how did the story go? Here it is…


A father with four sons determined to send them on an evangelical trip to a rural community, where he felt that they need the word and the light of God, the father made the announcement on the night before the journey commences. Only two of the sons eventually went on the journey, and one of them left his brother when the condition became unbearable… the last man standing stood only to discover he is much mess than he bargained for.

This play will be showing at the Lagos Theatre Festival this weekend, precisely on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 6PM.


The Cast – Afurugbin





Written and produced by Bunmi Awolowo

Directed by Ifeanyi Eziukwu

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