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This is a complete review of the album Call to Worship By Psalm Ebube, his first album since 2013. The 13 tracks album plays for the total of 54 minutes, and I must confess, Psalm Ebube takes us on a whole different journey on this one. No doubt, this album is worth every cent/penny/kobo you might have spent or about to spend. We feel the need to tell you what we feel about the 3rd album of the award winning singer, and so here it is…

CALL TO WORSHIP Which is also the album title is the first track on the album. It is a song that eulogizes the mightiness of God almighty. it is perfect day starter and it will make anyone appreciate his creator.

Oba (King) the second single of the album, is a groovy 4/4 worship song accompanied with a beautiful feminine vocalist. It speaks of how incomparable how God is.

Kabiosi (Deluxe Version) is the most surprising track on this album, it is a complete remake of the renown praise song which featured Midnight crew on its original versions. This is all new in content, lyrics, and style. This Deluxe version is a high-life, the Gbenga Adenuga style, if you understand what I’m saying. Anyone who lays their hands on the album will be tempted to listen to this track first before any other.

Odirinye Dikagi got me wondering if psalm Ebube is an Ibo man, cos of the rich Ibo dialect which he used in this mild-tempo worship song. In my own opinion, this song strikes a good balance for all worshipper who will like to worship God in their native way.

Have you been looking for the dance and praise jamz you’ve known Psalm Ebube for? Then Thankful (Imore) is the song to look out for on the album. Garnished with percussions and Fuji-styled vocals from the dynamic praise leader, you can’t hesitate putting this song on repeat.

Overload is actually what it means literally, reason is because this is another dance song that follows  Thankful back to back. The song preaches that blessings long awaited are coming in multiple folds, and we can all welcome the blessing overload with dance and praises.

Wherever Psalm Ebube learnt Ijaw from, trust me his teacher was excellent. Better still, This song Dagbe can prove that the singer is a man of multiple language. Though I can’t interpret all lines, but this I can say of the song. It’s a song of thanksgiving over victory achieved.

Remember 80 years is the first song off this album, and it was the single that hint us of a new album coming. This song will be my favourite on this album, cos it addresses one thing the whole world is missing now – Peace. More so, this song proves once more that Psalm Ebube is versatile as he takes us deeper into the world of soul classic tunes.

Wale is an acoustic song encouraging everyone to be patient with God and things around them. Sometimes we go so far searching for things to make us fulfilled without realizing when we wander off. Wale will make you rediscover yourself and redirect your step back to the almighty.

With good pentatonic notes and harmony, Igbagbo reassures us that faith with hope and patience will work out anything that seem impossible.

Weddinmatics Is a marriage song. Truth be told, it takes a lot to have a hit wedding song, and we see a lot come and go but only few that catch our hearts. The likes of Igbeyawo by Ebenezer Obey, Oruka by Sunny Nneji, and Olo mi By Tosin Martins are the example of the unforgettable ones. In my own opinion, this song weddinmatics could have been improved and presented better especially on the part of the artist.

Imela is like the perfect song to wrap up this album, and trust me the artist has got it all lined up well.
Everything you think you know about Imela as a song will be changed when you listen to this song.

In a general review, Psalm Ebube is at his best on this album “A Call To Worship“. In fact we say he has metamorphosed from the level where he wrote the album Greatness and Ka Bi o Si and the impact of various instrumentalists and vocalists on this song can not be over emphasized. More so the production is also great and this could be said about most of the tracks on the album. Nevertheless, Psalm Ebube can still make do with one or two collaborations, to bring the expertise and unique style of some artistes on this album, it would have added more spark to the album.

As a result of this review, this album is rated 8/10

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