Are You Ready For ‘The Passion of the Christ’ Part 2?

The 2004 hit biblical film on Jesus’ crucifixion, “The Passion of the Christ,” may have a sequel soon as screenwriter Randall Wallace mentioned he is already working on a follow-up for the blockbuster movie. Mel Gibson, like the first time around, will also be part of this movie.

Wallace, according to the Hollywood Reporter, said that the film’s director, Mel Gibson, is also working closely with him. For the planned sequel, Wallace is expected to focus on the resurrection of Christ. “The Passion of the Christ” told the life and struggles of Jesus leading up to his crucifixion.
When the screenwriter exclusively confirmed the rumors to Hollywood Reporter, he claimed that he found it hard to keep the good news to himself. Wallace even shared that he and Gibson really became serious on working on a sequel for the biblical movie while they were working on the 2016 action-drama film “Hacksaw Ridge,” which will hit theaters in November.

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