#AskKierra: Kierra Sheards answers questions from fans

Few celebrities will be willing to answer questions from fans this days, but Kierra Sheards went on Twitter and asked fans to ask any question they have in mind.

I bet you trust what fans (and non-fans) are capable of, It was like a golden chance for most people to hear directly from the Sunday Best newest judge.
Over 100 questions rolled in within 2 minutes, from different aspect of the singer’s life, from music and career to family and relationships with lots more, and Kierra was able to give satisfying answers to them. Here are  some questions and answers we gathered.

RT @WendyRdkz: @kierrasheard #askkierra How did you personally meet Jesus? And when do you come in France ? … http://t.co/04IWsMDUjd
— Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) January 13, 2015

RT @donchymes: @kierrasheard what happened btwn u n pst welton smith…i was hoping to see a wedding…loved … http://t.co/LPb6a0q9pV
— Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) January 13, 2015

RT @Bri_Symone_: @kierrasheard Do you believe in taking showers everyday? #askkierra<~ absolutely I take a … http://t.co/dI1UxWpmfb
— Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) January 13, 2015

RT @_Eshaaaaa_: @kierrasheard What made you cut your hair ?? #AskKierra<~ young and dumb! Lol nah I lived … http://t.co/YW3Q3oP9Az
— Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) January 13, 2015

Visit Kierra official twitter page for more questions with the hash-tag #Askkierra

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