Aworan by Akintunde Elijah Download Mp3

Aworan by Akintunde Elijah

Aworan is a song done by Evangelist Elijah Akintunde, who is a Nigerian Gospel artiste and is also known as the voice of Elijah aka Olorun ko so bé hails from Okemesi Ekiti in Ekiti, started his music career in the choir as the choirmaster in his church.

He has been singing for over 15 years. His goal is not just to sing but to transform lives and make Heaven eventually.

Evangelist Elijah Akintunde has a lot of other powerful songs ministered in the Yoruba dialect. Worship God with Him and let  God transform everything that needs to be transformed in your life today.

His other songs include Lo Jasi, Mo Fagile, Olorun Ko Sobe, etc



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