Benny Hinn’s Mother Passes Away

Controversial televangelist Benny Hinn has revealed that his mother, Clemence, passed away days before Mother’s Day, and said that her passing has inspired him to search the truth about heaven as found in the Bible.

By now, you have undoubtedly heard the news of my mom’s home-going,” Hinn wrote on his website last week.
I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, Mom’s passing has only compelled me to be more consumed than ever with a passion to share what the Bible tells us about heaven, and the need for salvation to one day receive all that He has prepared for us there,” he added.
While I join all our family and partners around the world in mourning the loss of this remarkable woman, I want you to know that we have been celebrating her reunion in heaven with Constandi, my father, multitudes of loved ones, and especially the Lord Jesus whom she served so faithfully!

In another Facebook post he noted that losing both parents is a “deep pain that you can’t describe.”
And while we rejoice at their being home with our blessed Jesus, grief is a very difficult matter to deal with. Yet it is times like these that the Lord’s grace means so much and our faith is all we have to lean on,” Hinn wrote.
The televangelist is known for his “miracle healing crusades” that attract thousands of people around the world. And also for being among the “Grassley 6” when in 2007 he was investigated by the US Senate Committee on Finance, led by Sen. Chuck Grassley, over the tax-exempt status for his ministry. The Senate finance committee also investigated Paula White, Eddie L. Long, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland, most of who promote the prosperity gospel. Hinn responded to the inquiry and provided requested information to the Senate committee and after three years of investigation there was no penalties, although the investigation itself cast a negative light on all the ministries during the scrutiny.
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