Caleb Grimm. Kelsey Grimm. God Gave Me You

Caleb + Kelsey God Gave Me You: Country Love Songs Album Review and Download

Caleb Grimm and Kelsey Grimm also known as Caleb + Kelsey are amazing gifts to the love scene of Gospel Music.

The duo came to the notice of all with their covers as far back as 2014.

They expanded from love song covers to worship song covers, with Hillsong’s “Oceans (Where My Feet May Fall)” and Bethel Music’s “You Make Me Brave”. This medley got over 1 Million views within 24 hours it was premiered. Since then, they’ve become a household name as a couple duo.

Caleb and Kelsey Grimm’s new album God Gave Me You: Country Love Songs is a collection of songs that are love and relationship focused put together across different genres of music from the secular and mainstream down to the gospel and self-composed songs.

The album, God Gave Me You: Country Love Songs happens to be the fourth album the duo will be releasing together, the first being “The Songs We Sang Together” followed by “Worship” months after and in the year 2018, they released “Timeless Worship”. Now they are kicking off 2019 with the new style of Country Love songs; God Gave Me You.

This album is a compilation of love songs, with a godly perspective, intended to inspire and breathe life into relationships of believers. There are songs on this album, that are of secular origin, but I feel comfortable singing along with the lyrics all because of the way Caleb and Kelsey have rendered them.


God Gave Me You: Country Love Songs Tracklists

1. The Way You Love Me / This Kiss / Breathe [DOWNLOAD]

2. Bless the Broken Road [DOWNLOAD]

3. Somebody like You / You’re My Better Half / Better Life [DOWNLOAD]

4. From This Moment On / You’re Still the One [DOWNLOAD]

5. Jesus, Take the Wheel [DOWNLOAD]

6. What Hurts the Most / Here Comes Goodbye [DOWNLOAD]

7. God Gave Me You [DOWNLOAD]

8. Need You Now / Don’t You Wanna Stay [DOWNLOAD]

9. How Do I Live / I Need You [DOWNLOAD]

10. From the Ground Up [DOWNLOAD]



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