CeCe Winans Uncovers ‘Let Them Fall In Love’ Art Cover With Tracklists

Gospel icon CeCe Winans has unveiled the cover and tracklist of her forthcoming album ‘Let Them Fall In Love‘ arriving in stores on February 3, 2017. This will be CeCe’s first album in 10 years, and her fans have so long waited for this.

Winans knows Let Them Fall In Love will also be something of a surprise for her fanbase. “The songs are different than what my audience is used to hearing from me,” she acknowledges. “I’ve never been a traditional gospel artist, and some of the things are probably more traditional than I’ve done before. But I think we put something together that will not only embrace my old listeners but will bring in some new ones. I really think this record will be able to do what I’ve done in the past, and more.”  
The torchy first single, “Never Have To Be Alone,” is certainly familiar, however. And its message is timely for the season, according to Winans. “One of the things we see a lot of is people dealing with loneliness,” she explains. “They deal with depression. They deal with a heavy heart. So I knew it was a song that would touch people where they need to be touched. Now we’re about to go into the holidays, when some people feel even more lonely. It’s a song to remind you that when we pray, God is there. He is with us. We have everything we need to face everything we have to face. I like to make music like that, that makes a difference in people’s day.”

‘Let Them Fall In Love’ Tracklisting

1. ‘He’s Never Failed Me Yet’
2. ‘Run To Him’
3. ‘Hey Devil!‘
4. ‘Peace From God’
5. ‘Why Me’
6. ‘Lowly’
7. ‘Never Have To Be Alone’
8. ‘Dancing In The Spirit’
9. ’Marvelous’
10. ‘Let Them Fall In Love’

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