Chika100% Talks About His Childhood, Faith and Music

A recent interview with Chika 100%, reveals to us what most of us don’t know or haven’t heard from this interesting singer.. and for those who are just hearing this name for the first time, see what this ‘traditional contemporary‘ is made of …

Question: Please can you tell us about yourself
Chiika 100% : My full name is Chika Ezeigbo. Married to my best friend Joy Ezeigbo and we’ve ‎been blessed with a baby girl. I Studied education at Abia State University but have worked as a Sales rep with different companies over the years. I’m a producer, worship leader, and a recording artiste.
Question: How did you go into music?
Chiika 100% : Music for me started as service way back in the children department in church. I sang ‎my way through primary school till my university days. That’s when the call got clearer and I decided to follow God’s lead.
Question: What inspires your music?
Chiika 100% : GOD…He inspires my sound, my lyrics and my tune‎
Question: What is a common practice in the music industry that you are not happy about Chiika 100%
I’ll say lack of funding and adequate support from churches. Apart from that, all is well.
Question: Complete the statement……. last year, i ———— but this year i will/ i am————–
Chiika 100% : Last year I made progress, but this year I’m a lot more progressive.
Question: One ministration experience you will never forget
Chiika 100% : My very first cool fm praise jam. It was a turning point for me.
Question: What was your growing up experience?
Chiika 100% : My growing up experience was super cool. A proper child upbringing.  Was part of different music groups before I went solo. It was ‎generally fun and loaded with lots of learning.
Question: Works in the pipeline?
Chiika 100% : Working on a couple of singles which would be done soonest. It’s all in the works and would be out soonest.‎
Question: The importance of a minister to have a close relationship with God
Chiika 100% : Well your relationship will God remains the source to your growth in ministry. The ‎music is supposed to be a testimonial of your walk with God. So i believe it’s super important to grow and develop  our relationship with God.
Question : Role model and music icon
Chiika 100% : I’m an all time kirk franklin fan and a strong follower of Don  Moen’s music. An absolute ‎blessing.  Other role models are Olufunmi, Stanley kaosi, etc
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