Children Of Bethel Music’s Joel Taylor Continue To Improve Amidst Serious Health Scare

The CCM community continues to offer prayers and support to Bethel Music’s Joel Taylor and his family as their son, Jaxon, remains hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of an E. coli infection that can lead to bleeding, kidney failure and even brain damage.

Jax has been hospitalized since December 21st and at times, had life-threatening setbacks, but over the weekend it was all news of improvement from the Taylor family.
“In the last 24 hours Jaxon peed three times, ate all of his meals (and kept it down!), took several steps, and slept through the entire night,” Joel shared in an update on Instagram.
“Miracles don’t always look exactly like you want them to. God’s timing often doesn’t make sense until you look back to see that mountains were climbed and canyons were crossed on no strength of your own. And in that place, when God becomes your only option, you learn that it’s a gift that will mark you forever,” he added. “Every moment with this boy is a treasure I’ll never take for granted again. I’ve been laying by his side this afternoon just staring at him, full of joy that I get to watch him grow up and fulfill his destiny.”

jaxupdate3Jaxon’s 4-year-old sister Addie also continues to improve after testing positive for the same strand of E. coli as Jaxon. At last update, “Addie’s diarrhea has slowed down significantly, which is the opposite of what the drs said would happen. Your prayers are working!”
Please continue to offer prayers for the Taylor family. Online you can show your support with #PrayForJax and #HealJax. A GoFundMe page has also been established to help the Taylors with likely medical expenses. At the time of this publication, over $180K had been raised in name of the recovery effort.

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