Cool duo, Psalm Ebube & Funmilola got married late last year. See Photos

While some were waiting and counting down, some of us were checking the calendar all anticipating when one of the Nigeria’s finest gospel artiste Psalm Ebube will tie the knot, but he stylishly surprised us with this wedding pictures. The engagement and wedding held late 2015 and here’s the story…

A Stunning Yoruba Traditional Engagement and White wedding ceremony of Funmilola Dada and Akinyemi O. Samuel popularly know in Christian cycle as Psalm Ebube the artiste behinds one of Nigeria’s most popular Praise song of the moment Kabio’osi.
When faith meets destiny, history is made. This simplifies uniqueness of this white wedding its been a pleasure to see this young couple Funmilola and Psalm Ebube share their love with Gospel Redefined I think they are one of the few couples I have seen that look like siblings. So you can imagine how beautiful their kids would be. They also have this ” best friend” fun loving air about them that is not so common in marriages.  Gospel refefine wish you a happy and fruitful married life.

 The Traditional Engagement
The traditional engagement was carried out by a contracted professional called the Alaga ijoko which translated, means the traditional master of ceremony. The Alaga Ijoko coordinated the proceeding so each provision of tradition is strictly adhered too. There are different stages she coordinates and each stage was elicit a collection of cash which the Alaga keeps, various fines are paid and formal introduction of the groom accompanied by his age mates and friends which also involves prostrating to the family of the bride to formally request their daughter’s hand in marriage. The groom’s family also hire a professional called the Alaga Iduro which means the standing master of ceremony, who follows the groom and family to ask for the hand of their daughter. The Alaga iduro was also a professional custodian of Yoruba wedding tradition. The letter reading which is read by a young lady from the groom’s family also asking for the hand of the bride in marriage. The bride’s family also responds with a letter of their own. The engagement is an integral part of the traditional marriage and as the ceremony proceeds, items listed for the engagement that was given to the groom’s family is presented..

Not long after the engagement it was indeed a bloom-filled spring white weddings held at The Truth Teaching Church of God Olorunda Street, Morogbo Lagos Nigeria late last year 2015 and that is where we went to, to grace the wedding ceremony of Akinyemi O. Samuel popularly known in the christian cycle as Psalm Ebube and Funmilola . It was easier for both families and friends, few whom had young kids, and were all enthused about the prospect of Psalm Ebube’s wedding at the Church. To generalize, the wedding was less blown out in which I found refreshing.


The couple elected to have an open bar cocktail receptions at the Southern beach Badagry and because it’s uncommon to do so. and so unique and classy.
In the end, their wedding did feel like the perfect American/English hybrid and the cross-cultural differences that popped up during the process felt symbolic of all the little bumps and surprises they’ve encountered in their cross-cultural relationship.
…and the family and friends were right, they did look fantastic.

Check out their cute page and their soft wedding colors too! Their choice of wedding color, blue and Gold is simple but yet stunning‎

…and the family and friends were right, they did look fantastic.

Congratulations to them once again!!!

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