Coping with Depression as Christians

As Christians, a lot of times, coping with depression doesn’t strike us as something we should prioritize. This is because we tend to feel this overwhelming guilt when we are feeling depressed. Somehow, we have formed a notion and belief system that pricks us in times like this. We feel like we have let down God in one way or the other by being depressed. This makes us take shelter in keeping it a secret rather than finding a way of dealing with it.

Overcoming depression as a Christian isn’t exactly a walk in the park. This is because feeling depressed as a believer comes with some extra baggage. Such as disbelieving in God and his word, growing, resentment of others, difficulty making decisions, insecurity and guilt, inactivity, sleeplessness or oversleeping, lack of appetite or overeating, doubting, complaining, worrying, and feeling hopeless.

No matter how bad or how deep depression has eaten, there’s a reason to hope, to trust and to believe. All of which leads to joy, peace of mind and fulfillment. Here are a number of things that can help in coping with depression:

Recognize the symptoms of depression

This is the first step in dealing with depression as a Christian. Don’t deny the signs that you see. In most cases, nothing seems to lift your spirit. No hymn, no word, no prayer or praise has an effect on you. Everything seems to dampen your spirit. Do you consider suicide? Do you sleep so much without any relief to your sad mood still? Are you shutting everyone out of your life so they don’t see how empty you are?

There are different symptoms of depression. It is important to know what exactly you are dealing with. This may be a tough phase but regardless, don’t turn a blind eye to these signs before it gets any worse.

Develop a strong network

Depression, coping with depression

Aside from medication and therapy, as Christians, we are blessed to have good, helpful and happy people around us. Don’t go locking yourself up and waiting for it to go away. Build a strong network of people.

You can always count on supportive loved ones. This is why you should connect with friends and family and build stronger ties. Talk to them, pray with them and allow them to be a part of your life. Coping with depression isn’t a walk along the park but it is possible to beat the odds.

Avoid negative thoughts

That we are Christians doesn’t mean we can just snap out of depression at any time. We still have to work out the entire ‘depression disorder’ thing.

Philippians 4:8-9, the Bible admonishes us to fill our minds with beautiful thoughts. These good thoughts will help in relieving depression. The Bible is a complete guide and a perfect book. Every verse and chapter is filled with power if we allow the Holy Spirit to show us how to study right.

Talk to God

Depression, coping with depression

The place and power of prayer in our lives as Christians cannot be overemphasized. In dealing with depression, God is our best and only bet. He can take care of everything, He knows how to make the sour sweet again. But you need to communicate and stay connected.

You don’t have to do this all day. However, you can talk to God at any time of the day. Start your day with Him. Sing songs and listen to songs that are spirit lifting. Engage in worship and fight to stay in the faith. God is never too busy. 1Peter 3:12 You have got God’s attention because He loves you.

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