Derek Minor Reacts With The Latest US Killings With New Song “Free” |@TheDerekMinor

Gospel Rap artist, Derak Minor has voiced his dissatisfaction and condems the killing of two men in Loiusana, USA in his new song Free. Unable to sleep on a Tuesday night after watching a graphic video of Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers killing Alton Sterling fatally, Derek Minor wrote and recorded a song as part of his grieving process over the tragedy titled “Free”.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, an officer killed Philando Castile in a car on Wednesday. Castile, a school food services worker, was shot in Falcon Heights, outside Minneapolis, when a police officer pulled him over because of a broken taillight. Both men were Black Americans, this has led to a nationwide protest #BlackLivesMatter .
It is necessary to note that the peaceful intended protest went off-course and has resulted in the shooting of 12 police officers with five of them dead as at the time of writing this post, one of these officers, from Dallas just got married two weeks ago.
We pray that our Heavenly Father brings peace to all nations on earth and stop the spread of hate. We care for white lives as much as we care for the blacks.

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