Donnie McClurkin speaks on Yolanda Adams’ Gospel Tribute at the Essence Festival, reveals he tried to date her once.

According to eurweb.com, Donnie McClurkin’s appreciation for Yolanda Adams goes back a long ways. So it’s only fitting the gospel entertainer be among those honoring his fellow “Sunday Best” judge as host of the Yolanda Adams Gospel Tribute at the upcoming Essence festival.
In McClurkin’s eyes, the opportunity to host such an eve trumps being nervous or excited.“I don’t know what word to use. It’s more of an honor because nobody is a greater support of the Gospel music industry than I am,” the singer told Essence. “I am a support person. I want to push what’s happening in the music industry to make Gospel music greater than it was before. So by hosting, I get a chance to honor Yolanda.”
In giving praise to Adams, McClurkin took a humorous turn while elaborating on how long he’s known the “Open My Heart” vocalist.Yolanda and I have been friends for almost 30 years and I tried to date her once. You can put that on the record [LAUGHS]. We are best friends. We’re great friends. Sooner or later I’m going to wear her down. Either her or Halle Berry, one of the two [LAUGHS].
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Source: eurweb.com

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