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This song, Book of Life by Nathaniel Bassey always find a way of touching ones spirit with every listen, and I think this happens because this song speaks of eternity.

About Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey is one of the top Nigerian Gospel artistes also recognized internationally. From a certain time in his life, Nathaniel Bassey began to feel a deep yearning within him. He knew there was more to his music than he thought at the time.

Although in the beginning, he had a great interest in Jazz and walked in that direction for some years. He later transitioned to gospel music as he recognized the calling over his life. Every since, Nat, as he is fondly called has been a source of blessing to many lives through gospel music. He is also the convener of the praise movement called #HallelujahChallenge which not only interests locals but has also broken through internationally.


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About Book of Life Song

‘Book of life’ by Nathaniel Bassey is a song that contains a very strong message. One that is the end result of every Christian here on earth. The song says ‘is your name in the book of life?’ This question is one that every believer should have an answer to.

Book of life song is one song that launches us into sober reflection. Helps us to sit back and think through our lives. How we have lived so far and if our lives give glory to God. In the end, if you gain the world and soul your soul then all is lost. This song is definitely one to have n your playlist

Video of Book of Life by Nathaniel Bassey


This is the story of a brother
Who slept and woke up in Foreverland
He looked around, nothing’s familiar
He wondered how he got to be there
He took a walk around the city
And saw this brick house with a small door
He walked into the room and saw a man in white
Must be an angel so he said:
“Mr. Angel I’m a stranger, don’t know what’s going on
The last thing I remember was I slept last night”

This is a border town that takes you where you get a crown
Must have heard of Heaven where you came from
Only those whose name I find
Written in this book of life
Will forever be in paradise


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Is your name in this book of life?
Is your name in this book of life here?
Is your name in this book of life?
Is your name in this book of life here?

Flipping the pages of this great book
This brother gave a cursory gaze
He saw the names of prophets, saints and martyrs
Who kept the faith and won the race
But he said, “Mr. Angel, where is my name?”
“Can you tell me what is going wrong?
“I’m a pillar in my local church
Give the offerings and the tithes
Feed the poor and have myself a good name”

Is my name in this book of life?
Is my name in this book of life here?
Tell me is my name in this book of life?
Is my name in this book of life here?

Unforgiveness lurks within your heart
Some folks that you will never let go
Little foxes and secret faults
Will spring surprises on that final day


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Oh oh oh…

So much for this wonder brother
What about you? What about me?
Let him who thinks that he stands
Let him take heed lest he falls
Only the pure in heart will see Jesus
Those whose garment glow with purity


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Is your name in that book of life?
Is your name in that book of life there?
Is your name in that book of life?
Tell me is your name in that book of life there?
Think about it

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