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About ‘Brighter Day’

One significant thing you can pick when listening to songs by Kirk Franklin is the ease in connection. You easily link up with these songs. It is almost as though you find a little piece of you in everyone of them.

‘Brighter Day Lyrics’ sends a message of thanksgiving and gratitude. Thinking back on how the presence of God has made all the difference since you gave it all up. Relatable yeah? Surely.

This song is full of praise and redemption. Acknowledging that God is indeed being good. Trust that it will be near impossible to turn off the radio when this song comes on. There is always something to thank God for. He gives us a brighter day even when we expect the darkest hours.

When ‘Brighter day’ by Kirk Franklin comes on, you feel yourself becoming lighter and connecting to it. It is one of those songs that come with rhythms of joy and happiness causing you to lean in and fill your soul.

About Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a nine time Grammy award winning artiste. A fearless singer who is not afraid to switch genres as long as it drives the Jesus message home. Kirk is one artiste that understands that soul, R & B and Gospel music go hand in glove. Along the line, Kirk added hip-hop to his mix with his debut in 1993. Taking all the heat from those who said it shouldn’t and couldn’t be done with gospel music. Bring all doubts to nothing, Kirk Franklin gained a larger audience and his songs never stop topping the charts!

Video of Brighter Day by Kirk Franklin

Brighter Day Lyrics

Solo 1

When I close my eyes and think of you
And reminisce of all the things you do
I can’t imagine my life without you
It’s like paradise now I know that it’s real (um)
It’s a mystery for someone to give their life just for me
Whatcha did on Calvary makes me wanna love you more


I never knew I could be so happy
And I never knew I’d be so secure
Because of your love, life has brand new meaning
It’s gonna be a brighter day, brighter day

Never thought that I would smile again
Never thought the dark clouds would end

Never thought that I would have a friend
That would keep me never leave me alone
Jesus you’re my everything
The only one that makes my heart sing (heart sing)
Now I know what real love means its everlasting, lasting

[Chorus times 2]

Nothing can compare to the joy you bring
And everlasting love affair
Jesus my life will never be the same
I found someone who truly career (cares)!

Brighter Day !

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