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The Golden Voice, Chris Shalom gives out an early Christmas gift as he releases his latest single “Tell It All” for free download with lyrics.

The new single dropped shortly after the music minister’s birthday and it follows the release of the critically acclaimed “Manifest Your Power (MYP)”.

“Tell it All” is a testimonial of feats surmounted and thanksgiving for many victories. Chris Shalom desires that the same chain of victories will fill the lives and places impacted by the single

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Tell It All Lyrics – Chris Shalom

Na na na eh
O o ooooo
What the Lord has done, I will tell it all

I will tell it all, Tell the whole world
(Repeat 5 times)

What the Lord has done for me, I will tell it all
I will tell it all, To the whole world
(Repeat twice)

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I will tell it all, I will tell it all / 3x
I will tell it all, To the whole world
You are the one who saved my soul when I was so lost
You are the one who lifted me when I was so down
You never failed me no, nor anyone I know
Ever faithful God, Jehovah is your name
I count my blessings now, name them one by one
See what the Lord has done, the wonder of your grace
With this lips of mine I will tell it all
Until the whole world know, what you’ve done for me
Response: Oh Yes

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Call: You’re God the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit
And you’re working in me, every hour, every moment
You’ve never failed me no, never, uh never
I’m blessed in the city, in the field, everywhere I go
No matter what may come, winner, I’m a winner
You’ve taken the shame, the pain, they are gone away
I’m gonna tell it all everywhere I go, of all the wondrous things
The beauty of your grace

What the Lord has done, Yes I will, Yes I will, what you’ve done Jesus
Tell it all till the whole world knows

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