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Download: Deliver by J.J. Hairston and Youthful Praise | Mp3 with Lyrics

Download Deliver by J.J Hairston and the Youthful Praise with Lyrics.

Deliver is the song that follows Resting On His Promises, in fact, I usually listen to both songs together and I kinda believe that the songs were arranged that way.

Deliver is a song that assures us that God is able to deliver us from all challenges. It is a song that announces the victory of a believer

Deliver is the shortest song on the album “You Deserve It” with a playtime less than 3 minutes, However, the message it carries is powerful that you will like to put it on repeat.

Download Deliver by J.J. Hairston Mp3 audio

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Deliver Lyrics by J.J Hairston

I know a man who understands
All of the problems that we’ve come against
He holds in His hands all of the power
It will take to deliver us from all of them
He is the word of God
Wrapped Himself in flesh like ours
Healed the sick, saved the lost
Gave His life upon a cross
His name is Jesus, Christ the Lord
The omnipotent Son of God
And He’s able to deliver us from harm
He delivered Daniel from the lion
And the Hebrew boys from the fire
Delivered Lazarus from the grave
So I know He can handle my cares
His name is Jesus, Christ the Lord
The omnipotent Son of God
And He’s able to deliver us from harm
He’ll deliver, He’ll deliver
He’ll deliver, He’ll deliver, I know
I know He will, He can do it
Yes I know He will, Jesus can do it
I know He can do it
Yes I know that He’s able to do it
Deliver, deliver

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