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About Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Natasha Tameika better known as Tasha Cobbs (Leonard) is a songwriter and contemporary gospel musician. Under the EMI Gospel record label, she released the album GRACE. She also won the Grammy Awards for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music performance.

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Listen to Your Spirit by Tasha Cobbs



Come on, let the sound of worship be released from your lips tonight

Come on, raise it now
Oh, that’s good y’all, raise it, raise it


You provide the fire
I’ll provide the sacrifice
You provide the spirit
And I will open up inside


Fill me up God
Fill me up


We need more of you, yeah

Rpt verse and chorus


I’ve been running on empty
I need you to feel me again
We cry out for more
We cry out for more
More of your spirit is what we need, more of your anointing, more of your glory, fill me
Fill me up God (fill me up God)
Fill me up God (fill me up God)
Fill me (that’s what I really want)

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