Download: God Has Something To Say by TY Bello Feat. Wole Oni, George and PSQ

Download. God Has Something To Say. TY Bello

TY Bello drops a new song titled God Has Something To Say. God Has Something To Say happens to be another song from TY Bello’s Spontaneous song session and this new song features Wole Oni, George, and Perfect 4th String Quartet all on the instrumentals and production.

God Has Something To Say is a themed music that is common in children Sunday School classes especially during Bible Quiz. However, TY Bello’s approach to this song gives it a new light and a touching message. She says:

Yes indeed, God has so much He wants to say to us,” TY Bello says. “But this is often heard when you choose to open your mouth to echo what He’s saying in his word and your heart. We choose to not be quiet and make our declarations in Him. This unrehearsed (spontaneous) song blessed us .. it was a long one because He wouldn’t stop speaking . Special thanks to Wole Oni and The Perfect 4th String Quartet for having a unique instinct for the sounds of heaven and to George for always being at the cutting edge of that sound . I pray this song blesses your time alone with God as it has blessed mine

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