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Download: Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo by Tope Alabi and TY Bello

Audio download of Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo by Tope Alabi and TY Bello

Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo is the 5th track on the collaborative album The Spirit of Light by Tope Alabi and TY Bello.

Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo Meaning

Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo is in Yoruba language and it means “only you will we worship”

In terms of song arrangement, this song follows A Gbe O Ga, but the song comes after All The Glory.

The song is a call and response and it pays obeisance to the Lord God who the whole heart adores and worship.

The Spirit of Light Tracklists

1. Imole De [Download] 2. Logan Ti O De [Download] 3. Awa Gbe O Ga [Download] 4. All The Glory [Download] 5. Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo
6. Kabi O Osi [Download] 7. No One Else [Download] 8. Eru Re To Ba [Download] 9. Olowo Ina [Download] 10. We Have Come [Download] 11. Emi Mimo [Download] 12. Oba Mi De [Download] 13. Ayo [Download] 14. War [Download] 15. Alayo [Download] 16. Adonai [Download] 17. Angeli [Download]

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