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John Jima is a household name in the Nigeria Gospel music, especially in the South-South region of the country.

An Akwa Ibom based singer, John Jima is known for his uplifting songs from the 5 albums he has released.

John Jima Albums

  1. Mbahado Aba
  2. Akam Mi Idoho Magic, Vol. 2
  3. Mbahado Aba, Vol. 3
  4. Mbahado Aba, Vol. 4
  5. Mbahado Aba, Vol. 5

Download John Jima Songs mp3 Audio

  1. Ikwo Akam Watch Video

2. Iyatesik Idiok Owo Watch Video

3. Siak Usung Watch Video

4. Sida k’Usung MiWatch Video

5. Usen Idara Watch Video

6. Owo Unwam Watch Video

7. Iyip Jesus Watch Video

8. Mkpo Inemesit Watch Video

9. Mbahado Aba Watch Video

10. Etop Odudu Watch Video

11. Mbahado Aba Vol. 3 Watch Video

12. Ikoh Ntiense Watch Video

13. Abasi Covenant and Nyanga Mi Watch Video

14. Udeme Mmi Watch Video

15. Nyene Mbom and Kube Mmi Watch Video

16. Bumper 2 Bumper Watch Video

17. Spiritual and Physical Watch Video

18. Amenam Watch Video

19. Tear Rubber Watch Video

20. Kaan Nahado Watch Video

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