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Download: Jonathan McReynolds – Comparison Kills (Mp3 + Lyrics)

Comparison Kills by Jonathan McReynolds mp3 download with lyrics

Comparison Kills is another song from the “Deep series” like I call it. The song is the 6th track from the Make Room album.

Comparison Kills teaches the adverse effect of putting ourselves in contrast with others, meanwhile, we have all we need for basic living.

This song is one of the songs Jonathan pauses and engages the audience as a songwriter, he closes the song with the advice that if you feel what you think, as God to heal what Comparison Kill

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Jonathan McReyNolds “Comparison Kills” Lyrics

I can only speak for my world
Where almost everyone has what they need
Other nations live with sickness
But over here we die from jealousy
‘Cause it makes you chase
What’s not meant to be chased
‘Cause you possessed it all along
It comes to steal and hide what is real
Comparison killsYou spend all night admiring pictures
They make life look perfect as they should
But you don’t know the pictures’ story
And how long it took to make it good
It makes you consider shoes you don’t like
But when that shoe doesn’t fit
Wear what you will
Despite how they fill
Comparison killsThe grass was fine
Until it looks greener on the other side
Now you believing that you fell behind
Why try to match what should be one of a kind
You’re one of a kindWe all wanna be successful
And get mad when God’s not in a rush
But waste your time just making copies
You’ll see you did not accomplish much

Pressure get’s hot
And with heat comes mirages
So you think it’s cool over there
Your thirst is real
But water can fill
Where comparison kills
He feels what you feel
So ask God to heal
What comparison kills

Can I be indulgent like a songwriter?
Can I say one more line one more time?

Pressure get’s got
And with heat comes mirages
So you think it’s cool over there
Your thirst is real
But water can’t fill
What comparison kills

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