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Download: Jonathan McReynolds – L.R.F (Rollercoasters) with Lyrics

Download L.R.F (Rollercoasters) by Jonathan McReynolds

L.R.F (Rollercoasters) is the continuation of Cycles, and on this song, Jonathan McReynolds gave an eye-opening speech about the rollercoaster actions – Rising and Falling- and how people respond to it.

He emphasized that there are two types of Rollercoaster riders, the one who keep calm and hold the bar real tight, and they type of people who throw their hands in the air and scream. Ironically, the people who are free have much fun than the one who keeps to themselves; those who hold the bar very tight actually feel the weight much more.

Relating this to us, L.R.F (Rollercoasters) shows how this affects a good number of us believers. Jonathan McReynolds delivers this while the interlude of Cycles play underneath and finish the song with the line “There Is Power In The Name of Jesus” to break every cycle

Download Rollercoaster by Jonathan McReynolds

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Jonathan McReynolds “L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)” Lyrics

It’s too early for all this
Listen, y’all know that I’m kind of a observant person
I find revelation in everything
If you go to an amusement park, look at the roller coasters
There are two types of roller coaster riders
There’s one like me, who’s very quiet
Holds on to the bar real tight
And then you have another one
They just throw up their hands and scream, “Ah!”
The weird part about it is me
Who’s sitting there, tryin’ to be all cool about it
And I’m holding everything in
I’m feeling all those drops more than the people
That have their hands up shouting
And it just seems like in this season
It just seems like God is purposely putting me
Through a little bit of roller coaster action
Some rises and some falls
Just to see if for once, I would just “Ah!”
Jesus, Jesus, I can’t do this by myselfThere is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every cycle, to break all these cycles
To break all these cycles
To end all these cycles
Do away with these cycles
Help me end these cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, God, cycles
Work on me, God, cycles, cycles

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