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Jonathan McReynolds Make More Room | Full Album Review and Download

Make Room is the 3rd album of Jonathan McReynolds and the first life recorded album by the Grammy Awards nominated artiste. The album has 13 tracks, and the deluxe version “Make More Room” boasts of 16 tracks with the support of featured artistes. The album is loaded with fulfilling songs as well as surprises. Let’s get into the details below.

About The Album

The Life Room album was released on 2018, and the album reflects so much for a Christian journey as Jonathan McReynolds would have it.

This album is an album of consecration aligns with believers who are seeking to press towards the higher calling in Christ according to Philippians 3:14. Leaving the good behind and aiming at the best we can be in Christ Jesus.

The Art Cover

The album art is a beautiful picture, showing Jonathan McReynolds sitting on a sofa in a room where all the loads that could have been spread across the room are seeing being packed on one side. This literarily interprets the album title Make More Room, and flows with a chorus in one of the songs that says “Move that over”. This means that whatever is hindering the free flow of the Spirit or taking the role of Christ in our lives should be moved out of the way by the Lord Himself.

Recording the album

The album was recorded with a live audience of a couple of friends and family of McReynolds. The songs follow a sequence that makes us believe the songs were all recorded at stretch. The audience was engaged, this is obvious where Jon will stop at intervals to ask questions, re-emphasize a line and also explain the concept or the revelation behind a song.

In my experience, it is the most engaging life recorded album I have heard.

The album is filled with a different kind of acoustic guitars tunes such with a perfect blend that brings much on the type of music Jonathan McReynolds is originally known for.

Artistes Features by Jonathan McReynolds on The Make Room album

The way Jonathan McReynolds selected the artistes he features on this album really shows that he is careful and specific about the project.

The total number of artistes featured is 12 and are distributed across a different style of music.

He has renowned artistes – Travis Greene, Brian Courtney Wilson and Anthony Brown on the track “L.R.F.( Move That Over )”, new artistes – Dee 1 on “Life Room Anthem” and DOE on “Cycles”, classic artistes – The Hamiltones on the song “Graduate” as well as the millennial artistes such as Tonya Baker and Corey Barksdale on “Great Is The Lord”, Darrel Walls, Latice Crawford and Alic Walls on the song “Keep On Doing Better” and finally Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson on the song “Smile”.

Having these people on the album to infuse their uniqueness with Jonathan McReynolds brings a beautiful synergy and makes us see him in a new light.

Jonathan McReynolds Make Room Tracklists

1. Excited
2. Life Room Anthem (feat. Dee-1)
3. Great Is the Lord (feat. Tonya Baker & Corey Barksdale)
4. Cycles (feat. DOE)
5. L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)
6. Comparison Kills
7. Graduate (feat. The Hamiltones)
8. Better
9. L.R.F. (Keep on Doin’ Better) (feat. Darrel Walls, Alic Walls, & Latice Crawford)
10. Try
11. Not Lucky, I’m Loved
12. Make Room
13. L.R.F. (Move That Over) (feat. Travis Greene, Anthony Brown, and Brian Courtney Wilson)
14. Lover of My Soul
15. Smile (Life Room) (feat. Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson)
16. God Is Good

Make More Room by Jonathan McReynolds Full Album Download


Excited is the first track on the album, and it is a prelude song, welcoming everyone to the Life Room. The song expresses how Jonathan McReynolds is excited and hopeful in about what God is about to unveil and manifest in the live recording.

The song manifest also connects with everyone who anticipates something miraculous from the Lord. Excited picks a verse in Jeremiah 29, in the eleventh verse where it says “The plans I have towards you are plans of good and not evil to bring you to an expected end”

So my friend, are you expecting a promise to be fulfilled in your life? This song is for you.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Excited .mp3 audio | Lyrics

Life Room Anthem (Feat Dee-1)

The song Life Room Anthem explains the concept of the album and it is a perfect feat for an anthem on the album.

The song features a fresh gospel hip-hop artiste, Dee-1 from New Orleans and the song shows how things are sacrificed to give more room for Christ in our lives. Giving up our busy schedules to give more attention to the giver of life.

This song is similar to Full Attention by Jonathan McReynolds from the album Life Music: Stage Two.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Life Room Anthem (feat. Dee-1) mp3 audio | Lyrics

Great Is The Lord (Feat. Tonya Baker & Corey Barksdale)

This is the first song I fell in love with on the album. The harmony delivered by Tonya Baker and Corey Barksdale will get you glued to the song and also press repeat.

Great Is The Lord is a song of praises to the Lord for the things He does and the ones he keeps doing. He is just too good to be good.

This song is perfect to usher people into the deep scenes of the album with praise and with danceable rhythm and joyous mood.

The song starts on key B and modulates to C on the second time the chorus was rendered, it continues by moving higher on semi-tone every time the chorus.

Jonathan introduced a hint from his collections by singing a line of I Gotta Have You from the Life Music album which happens to be his debut album released in 2012.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Great Is The Lord mp3 audio | Lyrics

Cycles Feat. DOE

“Cycles” is the first of the “Deep Series” if you know Jonathan McReynolds, you will know what I am talking about.

Cycles is the fourth track on the album, and the second official single to be released after Not Lucky, I’m Loved.

The song features DOE and talks about the cycles of challenges the devil devices around Christians and the song becomes a prayer to Jesus to break every cycle that the devil uses to manipulate believers.

DOE delivers the second verse of the song on the same pitch as Jonathan, and she sings in such a way her lyrics her filled with positive and prophetic declarations.

Sometimes it really looks like we are making progress and we are happy about it, only to end up back to the place we left off, this becomes like the old saying, One step forward, two steps backwards. But we believe that through this song, God is using Jonathan McReynolds to open our eyes and pray Him to break every chains and cycle that it keeping us merry-go-rounding.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Cycles mp3 audio | Lyrics

L.R.F (Rollercoasters)

L.R.F (Rollercoasters) is the continuation of Cycles, and on this song, Jonathan McReynolds gave an eye-opening speech about the rollercoaster actions – Rising and Falling- and how people respond to it.

He emphasized that there are two types of Rollercoaster riders, the one who keep calm and hold the bar really tight, and they type of people who throw their hands in the air and scream. Ironically, the people who are free have much fun than the one who keeps themselves; those who hold the bar very tight actually feel the weight much more.

Relating this to us, L.R.F (Rollercoasters) shows how this affects a good number of us believers. Jonathan McReynolds delivers this while the interlude of Cycles play underneath and finish the song with the line “There Is Power In The Name of Jesus” to break every cycle.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – L.R.F (Rollercoasters) mp3 audio | Lyrics

Comparison Kills

Comparison Kills is another song from the “Deep series” like I call it. The song is the 6th track from the Make More Room album.

Comparison Kills teaches the adverse effect of putting ourselves in contrast with others, meanwhile, we have all we need for basic living.

This song is one of the songs Jonathan pauses and engages the audience as a songwriter, he closes the song with the advice that if you feel what you think, as God to heal what Comparison Kills.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Comparison Kills mp3 audio | Lyrics

Graduate (Feat. The Hamiltones)

First, you need who know who The Hamiltones are. These guys are R&B specialist, nominated for Grammy a trio of bearded guys, they are best known for their uniquely gifted harmony that the bless each of their songs with, maybe original of featured songs… you will simply not forget because of The Hamiltones. Now, having spoken about the perfect R&B trio on this song (I don’t think I have done enough justice though), So let’s get to the song

The song Graduate starts with the storyline of a student in a college, where it seems he is there to study something new, but deeper than that, he will be mastering his own capabilities.

This is the spiritual depth of the song: Christians are meant to understand they are not meant to stay on the same level, but to come up higher in the things of God, to graduate to a better degree of the things of the Spirit, because things get better when we graduate.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Graduate mp3 audio | Lyrics


Better is a song, and the best sing at that to follow Graduate. This is the 8th song off the Make More Room album. This song encourages believers to do better.

Yes, we all have fallen, but we can’t stay on the ground for long, there are better days ahead, for the Grace of the Lord Christ Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

There’s a saying of mine, that when God pulls us, it is our responsibility to push ourselves. So as grace encourages, let us all be motivated to live a better life because all sins are washed in Jesus Christ and we have been called out of darkness into God’s marvellous light.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Better mp3 audio | Lyrics

L.R.F (Keep On Doin’ Better) (Feat. Darrel Walls, Alic Walls and Latice Crawford)

L.R.F (Keep On Doin’ Better) is a continuation of the song Better, let’s say it is a reprise of it. But wait, it’s more than that, cos in this song Jonathan McReynolds infuses the song Limp from his sophomore album, Life Room: Stage Two. Limp, in my opinion, is considered the deepest song by Jonathan McReynolds, but that’s before this album, this album bags a whole lot of deep revelations from Jon McReynolds.

Take for example, McReynolds reveals on this track, that we do not need to prove our salvation to God, cos he is Omniscient and He already knows our heart, for the bible says the heart of Kings and Chiefs are in the hands of God and he directs it the way he wants. The same way we do not have to prove our salvation to others, but instead, we should prove it to ourselves, for the bible says “Confirm your calling and election” and in another verse of the scripture, it says “Make your salvation sure” Just listen to the song and hear for yourself.

Talking about the features, Darrel Walls and Alic Walls are half of the Grammy Awards nominated quartet siblings, The Walls Group. Also on this track Latice Crawford best known for using her three-octave, contralto vocal range to finish third on the second season of Sunday Best on BET.

Download Jonathan McReynolds -Keep On Doin’ Better mp3 audio | Lyrics


Try is moves next from Better, and this is where we are meant to yield to God, making an intentional commitment to do God’s will. I could just say this is the song that touches me the most on this album.

Towards the end, Jonathan McReynolds drops the line “If it is God that I’m after, I just can’t serve two masters” a line from No Gray, the second song from his debut album Life Music.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Try mp3 audio | Lyrics

Not Lucky, I’m Loved

This song is the first official song to be dropped on the album, and it comes with a video that features Jonathan McReynolds fans.

Not Lucky, I’m Loved emphasizes that the blessing a Christian receives does not come by chance or lucky stars, but it is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God that makes all these things possible.

Download Jonathan McReynolds – Not Lucky, I’m Loved mp3 audio | Lyrics

Make Room

Make Room is a song of conscious submission and dedication to God, to make room for that he may dwell on the inside.

This song reflects Revelation 3:20 where Jesus said I stand at the door knocking, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Jonathan McReynolds started listing things in our everyday lives that hinder the free flow of the Spirit of God. This song is the core of the album, giving more room to God, responding to the higher calling because there is more. More to receive and more to let go.

Download Jonathan Mcreynolds – Make Room mp3 audio | Lyrics

L.R.F (Move That Over) (Feat. Travis Greene, Anthony Brown and Brian Courtney Wilson)

Move That Over is another reprise on the album, and it’s possibly the most powerful one. Having Travis Greene, Anthony Brown and Brian Courtney Wilson on it, each delivering few lines to grace this track.

One could remember that Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Greene and Anthony Brown planned on going on a tour, although the tour didn’t hold, this song gives us a taste of what we could get when this kind of renowned singers come together to work on a piece of music.

At the end of the song, Jonathan McReynolds introduces the song Lover of My Soul by singing the refrain.

Download Jonathan McReynolds -Move That Over mp3 audio | Lyrics

Lover of My Soul

Lover of My Soul was the song that dropped last as a single before the release of the Make More Room album.

The song talks about yielding to the one who holds everything in control, beyond our capacity. Ephesians 3:20 says:

Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what we could ask or think according to the power that works in us.

So, the more we yield, the more God takes control and takes the glory.

Download Jonathan McReynolds Lover Of My Soul mp3 audio | Lyrics

Smile (feat. Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson)

Smile is a remake. The original song featured on the second album Life Music: Stage Two featuring Ashley Washington. In this remake, Jonathan McReynolds features Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson and she delivers so well as much as in the vocal range Ashley rendered it.

Download Smile – Jonathan McReynolds mp3 audio | Lyrics

God Is Good

God Is Good is the closing track on this album, it is a song of prayer, in alignment to the will of God even in the midst of suffering and life challenges. That the grace of God may be sufficient in all things.

Jonathan McReynolds closes this album by appreciating every of his lover who has come to support him in recording the album.

Download God Is Good mp3 audio | Lyrics

This review is my opinion, and being a lover of Jonathan McReynolds, I feel I could do good justice in reviewing this album in conveying the message it carries. However, you can drop your perspective or lesson learnt from the song in the comment session below.

Thank you. Please help us share this review if it has blessed you.

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