Download Mp3: Iroyin Rere by Opeyemi Adelegan ft. Titilope Shonde

This song is by Opeyemi Adelegan (Aka Adeiyin) featuring Titilope Shonde


Iroyin Rere was inspired by the scriptures in proverbs 25:25″ As cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”.
The revelation therein speaks of cold water quenching the taste of a soul yarning for water i.e a person that earnestly in expectant of something to sweeten his heart, some news to at least bring joy to him after some wilderness or unpleasant experiences had, no matter how hopeless a man is at the sound of good news, his hope is rekindled and lightened up.

It is my prayer to us that as we journey fully into the year, only good news shall be heard in our tent and the sound of celebration will never cease in our life in Jesus name.

Iroyin Rere Lyircs

As cold to a thirsty soul
So is good news from a far country
Iroyin rere sha ni mo pongbe fun
Ninu odun ti mo wa yin oo
Iroyin rere laoma gbo /2ce
Iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi

The sound of joyful song and victory
shall be heard in the tent of the righteous
The right hand of the lord displays strength and might
Isele iyanu Ayo ni kosele ni Ile mi

Iroyin rere ni Etimi ma gbo
Iroyin Ayo ni ayika mi gbogbo
Iroyin rere niwa ju ati leyin mi
Iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi

Iroyin rere ni gusu ariwa
When there’s casting down for me there will be a lifting up
Iroyin rere Lago olododo
Sound of celebration koni won ni Ile mi

Call: ninu odun ti mo wa yi o
Resp: iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi
Call: ni gusu ,ariwa,Iwo,ati Ilaorun
Resp: echo
Call isele iyanu Ayo koni wo Nile gbogbo wa
Rep: iroyin rere Laoma gbo lago mi
Call: iroyin rere nigbogbo ibiti mo bade
Rep: iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi
Call: iroyin Ayo niwaju ati leyin mi
Resp: iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi
Call:ni gbogbo irinajo mi iroyin rere ni moma gbo
Resp: iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi
Call;from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same
Resp: iroyin rere laoma gbo lago mi


Download Iroyin Rere Mp3

Download Iroyin Rere Mp3

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