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About No more pain

‘No more pain’ by Mercy Chinwo is a prayer-song for Nigeria. In the midst of the tribulations, sorrow, deaths, and pain that the country has been faced with, we believe that Jesus is able to make it all good in his time.

‘No more pain’ by Mercy is a really simple song. Declaring that there will be no more hardship, no more sorrow no more peril. Declaring that we believe also in what the word of God says.

This song is more of a prayer and prophecy. If you are going through a trying time, it is a great song to help lift your spirit help you proclaim what you are as a child of grace. You can personalize it and speak into your situation or whatever trial is facing you.

The ‘Excess Love’ crooner released this song of assurance in 2018 under the Eezee Concept record label. It has gotten so much attention since the released will certainly bless lives in different ways.

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There’ll be no more pain
There’ll be no more shame
There’ll be no more lost
In Jesus name

There’ll be no more sorrow
There’ll be no more bloodshed
He said t is finished
We believe
He said it is finished
We believe

He said t is finished
He said t is finished
From the cross of Calvaryrye said t is finished
We believe

No more, no more
We believe

We believe /16x

There’ll be no more pain in Nigeria
No more loss in Africa, yeah, yeah
There’ll be no more bloodshed
No more sorrow
We believe in You Jesus
That You reign and You’ll do exceedingly
Abundantly (ad lib continues)

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