Download: Othniel Ikechukwu – You Will Run My Life

Othniel Ikechukwu. download You will run my life. gospel redefined. Moses Amaziah
Download You Will Run My Life by Apostle Othniel Ikechukwu. 

Othniel Ikechukwu is the Senior Apostle over the THRONE ASSEMBLY an Arm of RHEMA LOVE THRONE MINISTRIES ABUJA, His Vision is to raise a people a people in the Kingdom for global relevance and to tilt the nations to fulfill prophecy in God, he is blessed with the Grace of receiving New Songs from throne of God.
You will run my life was inspired by a Ministration to a family that had a problem with their Son. He was rebellious and so much pain to his parents, their son’s Name meant “Grand Father Is Living with Us”. After prayers his name was changed, his life changed and his testified…. Ask yourself who is running your life.


Download You Will Run My Life

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