This Year by Jofere

Download: This Year by Olabamidele Ayodele Jofere

Olabamidele Joshua popularly known as Jofere (one of the fast-rising Saxophonists), kick-starts the new year with the release of a brand-new song titled “This Year”.
THIS YEAR is a song that is used to confess good things in this new year.
Surviving New Year’s Eve without sinking into a deep spiral of disappointment relies on the crew, the booze, and, most importantly, the good vibes.

This Year Lyrics

L’odun yi o
Ma rire
L’osu yi o
Ma rire
L’osè yi oo
Ma rire
Ma rire gba.. That is the chorus
(1) Ire gusu ire ariwa
Ire ilawo orun ,iwoo oorun sa to mi wa ooo
Ire gbogbo to wa laye yi ni mo toro
Atije atimu je ko rorun fun mi
Chorus again…
(2) Ire gbogbo to wa laye yi
Ire gbogbo to wa laye yi
Ire gbogbo, ire gbogbo, ire gbogbo, ire gbogbo
Oba oke fun mi ni temi/2ce
Chorus again….
Chorus… Till fade

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