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Joy by Toks Nnamani


Here is a new soul music titled Joy by Toks Wanami

Everyone goes through hard times, maybe at work, home, families, academics… whatsoever. Life has a way of thrpowing one or two challenges at us every now and then. But there’s the fruit of the Spirit – Joy, which inspires this song. Joy by Toks Nnamani is meant to take us through the rough patches of life and put smile on your face.

The Joy of the Lord, is the strentgh of a believer. Listen to Joy today and find strenght where you need it.
Joy by Toks Nnamani was produced by Doron Clinton

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Joy by Toks Nnmani Lyrics

I’ve got joy
The kind that my troubles can’t steal
the kind that my problem can kill
I’ve got joy
I’ve got joy

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