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Download: You are Yahweh by Steve Crown

About ‘You are Yahweh’

If there is one gospel artiste and songwriter who expresses heartfelt worship in his songs it has got to be ‘Steve Crown’. Worship is about exalting God above all else, singling Him out as the Only True God of whom there is no greater. This in itself is never lacking in his songs and ‘You are Yahweh’ is certainly not an exception.

This songs brings with it a special fragrance of authentic worship. It lifts you to a place of submission, breaking your jar of heartfelt worship and rubbing it all at the feet of Jesus. It is both a song and a prayer, exalting God lifting His name high. Proclaiming his majesty.

Any believer who understands the importance of tangible worship will appreciate ‘you are Yahweh’ by Steve Crown. A powerful worship accompanied by a radical level of abandonment in the place of worship

About Steve Crown

The Abuja based songwriter and artiste built his music foundation as a member of a local church, St John’s Anglican Church choir as well as the famous children’s happiness club named Deacon Kids Band, at a young age.

Steve Crown is also a music maker and music director. It is important to note how swift his pace was as he began his journey into music. Unlike some other artistes who release 2 or 3 tracks before anyone gets to know them. Steve’s path was quite different as he started out with his popular hit single ‘You are great’. At some point, this song almost became an anthem for Christians in Nigeria. Ever since Steve Crown has enjoyed an upward and onward movement in ministry.

Video of You are Yahweh by Steve Crown



You are the God who was, and is, and is to come
Jesus, Jesus
And in You I trust, my life is in Your Hands
Jesus, You are a miracle working God

You are Yahweh, You are Yahweh (x2)
You are Yahweh, Alpha and Omega (x2)

You are Yahweh, Alpha and Omega (x2)

The power of God is rising right now
Lift your voices
His Presence is here


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