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Mp3+Video: Emmanuel by Eniorunnke (Justina Osinwole-Ojewola)

In this festive season, we are reminded once again by the book of Isaiah of the birth, purpose and promise of The Saviour of the world. Emmanuel by Eniorunnke brings you blessings for this season. Emmanuel is a piece of Eulogy to the Perfecter of all things.

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Isaiah 7 verses 10-12 reveal Emmanuel as a sign and Emmanuel as a promise in verse 14 of the same chapter. I had many times seen, heard, sung related to Emmanuel lyrics and l was inspired to extend her cultural, connotative, conceptual meanings interpretatively. – Eniorunnke

Worldwide, the numerous unpleasant and sorrowful situations that hold on complete peaceful conditions in our generation initiated the powerful lyrics of “Emmanuel”. This song is a cry confessing that God is with us in His destructive rage but at the same time a prayer, hoping for Divine intervention.

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‘Ala’ is a prefix in Aladigun that connotes a possessive pronoun originated from ‘oni’ means He That which refers to Jesus,
‘di’ connotes a ‘pack’ of something very heavy which refers to people’s heavily loaded condition while ‘gun’ means perfection.
Hence Aladigun means The One who perfects all things, both tough and simple.

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About Eniorunnke

Eniorunnke, born Justina Osinwole hails from the family musicians in Igangan, Oyo State. Her mother was a percussionist while her father composed music, this made a huge influence in her career and music style as she is well known for playing all types of percussion instruments.

Beyond music, Eniorunnke bags an M.Sc and she works as Health worker in Lagos.

Emmanuel aroused a revelation of great fulfilment in Jesus Christ as Jesus was God become flesh, God incarnate, God with us in person, according to Mathew 1 verses 22-23

This, no matter your terrible situation as a person, group or nation, God is there if you are not a wanderer of faith. Emmanuel is an opportunity for you to grab…!

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