Frank Edwrads The Hawker, Read Story From Grass To Grace | @FrankRichBoy

Frank Edwards shared series of pictures to depict when when was young and hawking in the midst of extreme financial incapabilities to achieve his desires.
Much more about this story was in his song I No Fit Shout and how he came to limelight.
This short picture story is a campaign to Frank Edwards forthcoming single 1 Name. Enjoy the story below.

Tomorrow is school but I’m still on the road selling by 7pm , got home work & still need to wash my school uniform
Oh no !! It’s about to rain and I’m an hour away to where I can find shelter + I don’t have my inhaler with me . . God pls don’t let me have an attack here
And the story went on & on. . But Mumy told me about 1 Name .. she said he helps those who trust in him.. I’m leaving home.. I’m not coming back until he helps me cus I’ve trusted him ever since mum told me about him
Mum : who is that person in black suit walking towards me 🤷🏽‍♀️
Its me mum !! 🙆🏽 Ugochukwu!! Yessssss 😀

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