“Fred Hammond’s new album is amazing!” – The Testimonies

Fred Hammond latest album was made available in stores yesterday, and just hours after the release, testimonies started flowing in. Fred has done it again!
The 11 track album is out now with the video of the leading single “I Will Trust” which doubles as the album title.
Here are the testimonies Gospel Redefined gathered.

@CapitolCMGpub: “Hooray to @RealFredHammond for fab new music with I Will Trust!”

Earnest  Purgh says “The new CD is blessing my heart, mind, and soul on today, doc.  I can always count on you! #fire”

@StephMayer says  “NP: I Believe, Fred Hammond has done it again! This project is amazing @RealFredHammond #IWillTrust #TimelessMusic

@ArianaJames17 says “@RealFredHammond this new album simply amazing. It is really blessing me.

@PhilLanides says “New album that dropped today from @RealFredHammond is awesome! Good worship, good beats…loving it! #IWillTrust”

Available now on iTunes and Amazon.

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