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There has been an increase in reports of rape and sexual violence against children. One is confronted almost on a daily basis with reports of this wicked acts in the media. GOR speaks up against this trend through a song titled SN2R(Say No To Rape). 

For a proper definition and a reminder for all, Rape simply means to force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity on another person without the person’s consent. This song passes across a message on rape and its effects on the victim. It frowns at rape in every sense of the word especially to that of the underaged.
Rape is fast becoming menace in the society and needs to b curbed before it destroys the society. These couple duo are trying to create awareness on rape and discourage it, this they clearly expressed in their song “when she says no, it means no“. Females unfortunately happen to fall victim of this atrocious crime most of the time. Rape leads to infection of deadly disease, pregnancy, and some die either due to the forceful entry or due to the emotional trauma. 
This song is a wake up call and we all should arise and fight against rape and also ensure that the perpetrators of this evil act are brought to book..  SAY NO TO RAPE

This song is borne out of the belief that the Church can’t afford to bury her head in the sand and ignore issues such as this. The track is produced by COLDFLAMES and recorded at the 1717 AudioLab with mixing credits to world class mix master Dr Sankty.

This Song is rated 5/10
GOR is made up of Donna T and Don Luke Rage. The multiple award nominees ( Crystal Awards, Nigeria Gospel Awards, Mega Awards) and 2014 Nigeria Gospel Music Awards Best Group have two albums, a mixtape and an EP to their credit. SN2R is the first track off the net project due for release by the duo: THE EX GRATIA EP VOL. 1. 

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