Free Download: Oludrey Dare – My Gratitude Feat F-Clef | @oludreypositive @FemiClef

OLUDREY DARE has come with a heart of thanks and an ATTITUDE to praise GOD in this new song he titled “MY GRATITUDE” featuring F-CLEF, a song from his soon to come album with the same title. This song has swag and is full of energy and electrifying, it will get you in the right mood to praise GOD all day long, you won’t stop singing/ dancing,you’ll keep basking in the atmosphere of praise now and always. Enjoy …….

Here’s Oludrey’s story: “You gave me life You blessed it with a virtuous wife You gave us a home You blessed us with a charming son You engaged my hands with work You help me find my way when I’m stuck You right me when I’m wrong You gave my heart a song I’ve not come to ask for blessings or the head of my enemy Neither am I here for riches for me and my family If I had a million for every time I’ve been grateful, I’d be bankrupt ’cause I haven’t been very thankful, my “Thank You’s” have been corrupt But now, with repentant attitude, and total servitude, I’m here to declare MY GRATITUDE!” – Oludrey Dare (@oludreypositive) Produced by Ona.

MY GRATITUDE album by Oludrey Dare is now available on major online stores. Kindly purchase via any of the links below:

MTN Music+: MTN Music+
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3xGyTGfRlQvuqrmguV97g9
Spinlet: https://spinlet.com/music-and-genre-album/264760
Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/13105398

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