God and His “created image”

‘Now, let us create man in our own image and after our likeness..(Gen 1:26)’. As much as I want to believe that that means God has two eyes, legs, arms, and nostrils; the journey through ‘John 4’ verse 24 to be precise, assures me I’m wrong! You can check it out sometimes, it says ‘God is Spirit…’ Heartbreaking really! Last Ichecked, spirits do not have skeletal frames and flesh. The image of God is Spirit which speaks dominion, compassion, love, peace, judgement (yeah! Judgement), the list continues.

   Let me try to preach, ” we were created to function like God, our spirit was configured in his likeness, that is what it means! And our souls under the influence of His spirit in us is transformed steadily and with time”. I really think a lot of us are going to be in for a big surprise when we get to heaven and we get to ‘behold’ our creator. This is why only those whose spirits aligns with His would have the fortitude to stand in His presence.
      No doubt, we are created in the image of God, but this appears to be more of an excuse nowadays. You point to the wrong of a Christian or try to correct him, he getsinsulted and gives you a stern look, a raised eyebrow and a thick comfortable response of ‘DON’T YOU KNOW I AM CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD?’. Like that solves anything! I think what most of us fail to understand as Christians is that we actually insult the image of God in our lives by some of our actions…
     Let’s get this straight: WE are the ones CREATED in the image of GOD…God WASNT created in OUR image (He wasn’t even created at all). Let me put it this way; God aint responsible for our inadequacies, WE ARE!..We have by our own selves chose to be who we are…and guess what?..God as ‘GOD’ He is, wont tamper with that choice! Over time I’ve found out that we have limited ourselves as Christians, and because we somewhere in our subconsciousness think God is like us, we limit God too. We don’t talk about it, but we limit him in our minds when we try to source for means of our own selves and that’s why we find it so difficult to exercise our FAITH in really challenging states. We find themselves asking questions like, ‘Can God really do this?’, or with statements like, ‘its definitely too late for God to do something’. A lot of us will never experience the miraculous because we cannot comprehend how someone somewhere would SIMPLY turn tables without restrictions! But that’s why He isn’t just someone, but God, neither is He somewhere by everywhere! He is meant to do even beyond our imagination- I mean the very height of our imaginations! That’s why He’s GOD!    

When we grasp the ACTUAL image of God through His word, we understand who we truly are, only then can we live to the fullest, our potentials….

Think about this, ‘we are more than what we have becomeInfluence is not only meant for SOME PEOPLE, it’s meant for YOU, not just you though, and ME. You know what someone I really respect say about this?...He says we perish because we lack knowledge…Lets seek insights. Lets seek to know and understand the true image of God through His word…He says that His word is as light unto our feet…We can’t miss it when its THE WORD leading the way.

I will borrow a quote here, it says:

When you are one with God, He doesn’t leave you roaming about… He becomes your shepherd Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

Written by: Feyi Soetan

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