Gospel For The Streets according to Seye La Poet

Standing in the spotlight at the Unilag Main auditorium at a programmed tagged 9 inches… everyone was thrilled with the wonderful delivery of the man pictured above… Seye la Poet.

There were many great poems and poets, but we found outstanding ones, this particular piece you are about to read got everybody on their feet clapping their hands at the end of the delivery.

So, we made some researches and found out our poet is well known for what he loves doing best. In fact, Seye Ogunniyi a.k.a Seye la poet is a Creative Writer and Performance Poet. In 2013, Forward Poetry(UK) published his poems: RIGHT BEHIND YOU JACK, in the anthology INTO THE SHADOWS(March 2013) ; ADETUTU, in the anthology ENDLESS LOVE(September 2013); TALKING TO YOU, in the anthology ONE WEEK POETRY CHALLENGE (October 2013). These poems were his entries for international poetry competitions organized by FORWARD POETRY UK) and were selected for publication based on a range of criteria including expression, originality, imagery and creativity.
Known and respected for his ability to express a variety of thoughts and paint pictures with words in few seconds via his performances on various platforms. He recently performed at the International Cultural Exchange 2014, an annual event which marks the birthday of Africa’s first Nobel Prize Winner in Literature- Prof. Wole Soyinka
Seye is single and without children.                                       
Here is Gospel For The Streets delivered at 9 inches.


So Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were brought by the Wise MenSome say the Wise Men were three in numberSome say they were five…some say six…some say sixty-sixBottom-line is they came from the East, Igbokwenu!….And they were the Wise Men
So, the Wise Men brought these gifts to pay homage to the only begotten Son of The FatherI mean the only one born without the introduction of semenYou see men…He’s the Son of DavidThe bright morning starThe one who now seats above principalities and powers by far
Whilst on earth my hommes tell me He had a beard like Rick Ross (huh!)Some say nah….I think He was whiteSome say nah…I think He was brownI say nah….He might have been an AlbinoWho cares what the colour of His skin wasBottom-line is He came as 100% God and 100% humanBottom-line is He had the love of The Father withinBottom-line is He is the real Mr. Lover Man not Shabba Ranks
So, how deep is the Master’s love?His love is deeper than any penetration a commercial sex worker can ever experience with her male customers!His love is deeper than any bullet wound, machete wound, Axe wound a gangster can ever inflict on his rival cult group member

How deep is the Master’s love?His love is so deep He died over 2,000 years ago for youHe died with an open heartDied knowing you still open your legs to any Tom, DICK and Harry
He died knowing you will still be initiatedKnowing you will still blendDied knowing you will still carry guns, do drugs, kill and rapeEven though your name is number-one on the hit listHis love still preserves you
My Jesus died for the prostituteHe died for the gangster
He died for the BuccaneersDied for the AyesDied for the EyesHe died for SeyeMy Jesus died to redeem humanity from the consequences of sin, deathHe died to restore our relationship with the father
My Jesus was stripped of His Glory so that the stripper might strip no moreMy Jesus was beaten and bruised so that the wife beater might beat no moreMy Jesus endured the lashes from the whip so that you and I might weep no more
And this is the Gospel for the StreetsNow go and sin no more!

Copyright 2014. Seye Ogunniyi (Seye La Poet)
You can connect with him via:

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