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Holy Spirit by Psalm Ebube Mp3 Download with Lyrics

Download Holy Spirit by Psalm Ebube featuring Olasumbo and David Ubani. Holy Spirit mp3 audio with lyrics.

The song Holy Spirit, featuring Olasumbo and David Ubani on the strings, is the first song off the album Revealing Jesus Vol 1, and it’s a solemn song that introduces the person of the comforter. What a good way to commence the journey to Revealing Jesus, because no one can know Jesus truly without the person of the Holy Spirit.

The song says Holy Spirit our hearts are open, confirming the posture of a yearning heart of a worshipper who is willing to submit to surrender to the will of the Almighty.

Holy Spirit Lyrics

Spiritual chant’s

Verse 1.

Holy Spirit you are here
Reveal to us the risen king
As we sing and as we pray
Let your glory fill the earth
Ooh oh
Let your glory fill this place


Holy Spirit
Our hearts are open
Make us more aware
Of your presence
As we gather
In your presence
Holy Spirit have your way…
Holy Spirit have your way

Oooh oh oh oh…/2x


Kari Jobe – Holy Spirit Download


Verse 2

Ahba father hear our pray’r
Reveal to us your great love
As we sing and as we pray
Let your glory fill the earth
Ooh ohh
Let your glory fill this place…

Chorus Repeat


Let your will be done
In our life’s lord
Let your will be done..
As we pray/2x

Let your healing flow
In our life’s Lord
Let your healing flow
As we pray

Let your fire fall
In this place lord
Let your fire fall
As we pray…

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