Husband of the Kano Murdered Woman Meets Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha

Pastor Mike Agbahiwe, an indigene of Orodo in Mbaitoli Local Government of Imo State whose wife was killed in Kano by Muslim Fanatics has, for the first time since the incident happened, come back to his home state. He met with Governor Rochas Okorocha at the Government House in Owerri yesterday with his relations and explained that contrary to the widely read report that his wife, Mrs. Bridget Agbahiwe was beheaded, she was beaten to death, not beheaded.

He told the governor details of what transpired and how the wife was heartlessly and gruesomely murdered in his presence by the Muslim Fanatics and he survived the attack by the grace of God, otherwise, he would have also been killed because the aim of their attackers was to kill him and the wife.
His story below…
“One Muslim man called Dauda came to my wife’s shop and was washing his leg infront of the shop. My wife told the man to move up a little so that she could arrange her goods, but the man refused. Instead, the man started to molest her, and gripped her neck. In trying to free herself from the grip, Dauda started shouting Alakuba, and angry mob quickly gathered
“When we saw that danger was about to occur, we ran and took refuge in the house of a prominent Alhaji, who is a leader in the area. The Alhaji did all he could to calm the mob down. They refused and called him an infidel, and broke into his house and killed my wife in front of me. And if not the quick intervention of the Police who
immediately used teargas to disperse them, they would have also killed me. But they destroyed everything I had both the shop, the car and so on.”
He further stated, “The head of my wife was never beheaded. But the hitting was on her head and with hard objects. The body of my wife is in the mortuary with the head. She was not beheaded as it was widely reported.”
In his response to the pathetic story of Pastor Agbahiwe, Governor Okorocha described Late Mrs. Bridget Agbahiwe as a heroine because it took more than one hundred men and women to bring her down, describing the gruesome murder of the woman as highly provocative, barbaric and the highest wickedness of mankind, and told Pastor Agbahiwe that the Imo State government would share with him and the family in this moment of grief and pains.
Governor Okorocha said, “The problem is not the death of Mrs. Agbahiwe but the manner of which she was killed. In this country, we must learn to live peacefully. No religion supports killing. Anyone who kills in the name of religion is an evil worshipper, and should never mention the name of God. The cold blooded murder of Mrs. Agbahiwe should be seen as a sacrifice for the unity of the country”.
The governor further stressed, “She died as a martyr. Imo State Government will be with the family in this period of grief, and we shall set up a committee to assist in making sure that she is given a befitting burial. She died a heroine as far as we are concerned, as it took more than one hundred attackers to kill her. Those who killed the
woman are cowards. The chairman of the traditional rulers’ council in the state would lead a 
delegation to the Emir of Kano to make sure that such ugly incident will never reoccur anywhere in the country.”
Governor Okorocha also stated, “We are monitoring the situation and the reports reaching me is that five people have been arrested and taken to court, and finally remanded in custody in connection with the murder of Mrs. Bridget Agbahiwe. This is good enough. It means the Kano State Government and the Police Command in Kano are working to live upto their assurances to me that they would fish out the killers and make them face the full wrath of the law.”
The governor urged Pastor Agbahiwe not to question God over the killing of the wife, but to bear the whole incident with fortitude.

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