“I love my husband more than I ever did” Tina Campbell shares how she got trust her back

After a rough year of infidelity, death and more, Tina Campbell of Mary Mary has made it through. She shares with us how she held onto her faith in the midst of it all, how she forgave her husband and decided to move forward.
Go in-depth with Tina in the June/July issue of  Sister 2 Sister and get a sneak peek in an interview with Allyson  below.

Allyson: Has any of your trust come back? Do you still love him?
Tina: You want to know the truth? [laughs] All of my trust has come back. I love my husband more than I ever did. I am deeply in love with him. I was just talking to my brother-in-law last night because a lot of my family is even amazed with it. I don’t check on my husband. I don’t check his e-mails. First of all, I’m not that chick. I think too much of myself to be a detective behind some man. And if I’m going to trust you and give you a chance, I’m going to give you a real chance and a real chance is not holding your hand and micromanaging.
Allyson: That must have been hard to hear.
Tina: I was tortured. I was tortured dealing with that information, but guess what? I forgave every bit of it, and I love my husband immensely. I love him with all the passion that I have, and I trust him. I believe everything that he told me and I believe in him, and only God can do that.Everything I ask my husband, everything I’ve required of my husband through this process, every single thing, he did it. Whatever I asked him, whatever I wanted, whatever I needed… I know every explicit detail of every single thing with every single affair. Every woman can’t handle that, but for me and the stage that I’m gonna be at in my life, I needed to know.


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