“I Was Suicidal” – James Fortune Shares His Story of Domestic Violence

This last two years has been a different journey for two times Grammy Awards nominee James Fortune. In March this year he pleaded guilty for assaulting his wife Cherryl Fortune back in October 2014. A judge sentenced Fortune to five years probation, five days in jail, and 175 hours of community service.

He’s still working to complete his 175 hours of community service. But he has served the five-day jail term.

James recently sat with “The 700 Club” to discuss the details of the abuse, in which he revealed that there are 18 types of abuse and only one is physical. He admitted that he has been a perpetrator of Domestic violence even before it came to time.  He also revealed that he contemplated suicidal actions.
“And I started just feeling so guilty for what I had did, bad choices that I had made in my life and I just didn’t feel like I had anything to live for,” he said. “And so, at that point that I was going to take a whole bottle of those Xanax pills and just go to sleep.”
But thank God for prayers…Prayers Saves. During that time, Fortune recorded the song “Prayer Saved My Life” .

For me, personally, it was remembering my grandmother’s prayers, praying for me as a boy,” he continued. “And God kind of told me something. He said, ‘James, prayers don’t expire. Some of those prayers that your grandmother and your father and mother were praying for you, those prayers are still keeping you, even a situation where you don’t feel like you shouldn’t be kept.'”

“It started out rough. Yeah, I was suicidal. I didn’t think I had anything to live for. I didn’t think my life had any more purpose. I am like it is over,” he said. “But to see how God is able to keep me, everyday. I just kept going to sleep and waking up, believing that change was going to come.”

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