If You Read What Mali Music Said This Morning… You Will Be Shocked!!!

This morning on his Instagram page, Mali Music shared what I believe we all need at this present moment. It is not only shocking, it is amazing. He tagged it Bread in the morning.
With his bible opened to Colossians 4, Mali Music makes us all realize that we need to stand for more and stand some more.

Bread in the morning. Guess I’ll just speak. My heart is full from the sadness of our everyday . Our normal day is full of darkness , deteriorating light , and negativity . My question to my own self is ‘What will come Out now, though? What will this sadness make ME do?’ What we are experiencing is the multiplying of anger. Shock and injustice encourage a fire that’s already burning. But anger, like fire Consumes . It Burns. And like we’ve learned with the sword, the gun, with sex, with drugs, And with rock & roll .. If you Live by it, You die by it. Stand upon This rock. It is the only thing that will be stable . Breaking ground, and Breaking news, flight delays, and tech issues is all it takes to break the best among us. Stand for more. Stand some more. Break the curse. Respect our Lord. Christ. All other deVices power down
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