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Imole De by Tope Alabi and TY Bello Mp3 Download

Download “Imole De” by TY Bello and Tope Alabi mp3 audio

Imole De is the first track on the album The Spirit of Light by Tope Alabi and TY Bello, released in January 2019.

Cold by TY Bello

Imole De Meaning

Imole De is an invitation into the light, for all men and women, for why would anyone who loves to do good remain in darkness. The Bible says the light shines so bright and darkness could not comprehend.

Hallelujah by Tope Alabi

The song Imole De means ‘Light Has Come’ and it figuratively describes Jesus as the Light of The World who steps right into the darkness that salvation may be made available for all men.

God Has Something To Say by TY Bello Feat. Wole Oni, George and PSQ

The Spirit of Light Tracklists

1. Imole De
2. Logan Ti O De [Download]

3. Awa Gbe O Ga [Download]

4. All The Glory [Download]

5. Iwo Lawa O Ma Bo [Download]

6. Kabi O Osi [Download]

7. No One Else [Download]

8. Eru Re To Ba [Download]

9. Olowo Ina [Download]

10. We Have Come [Download]

11. Emi Mimo [Download]

12. Oba Mi De [Download]

13. Ayo [Download]

14. War [Download]

15. Alayo [Download]

16. Adonai [Download]

17. Angeli [Download]

Imole De Mp3 Download

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