Interview: Praiseworld Radio get up close with Onos Ariyo

Praiseworld – Could you share your first experience with Music? 
ONOS-Hmmmm! my first experience with music was when I was pretty young. At that period, I was learning how to play the keyboard, the recorder and was also in a choral group. Back then, it was a beautiful experience.
I noticed that each time I have to go for my classes; I was always very excited that my family noticed. I loved to be around anything or anywhere that had to do with Music. Those memories are so priceless that each time I think about it, it makes me smile.
Praiseworld – You dumped your French degree for music. What gave you that conviction that music was where God wanted you to be? 
ONOS-I won’t say I dumped my French degree totally because I still do stuff here and there with my French. Singing has been my thing from a very tender age, while studying in the university, I knew I was going to end up chasing my music as a career and also make a living out of it and thank God for the holy spirit who always gives me that inner conviction against all odds I am ready to live my dream.
During the "Everything Has Changed" video shoot
PraiseWorld Radio interviews Onos Ariyo, and we believe it is an exclusive one we should share with you. Onos revealed how she started music, talked about her family and many more… It is a very good one you will like. Enjoy reading below.

Praiseworld – What’s your view on gospel music per excellence? 
ONOS – Excellence in Gospel Music is a subject that people always jump on every now and then, I can say we are not there yet but we are not where we use to be and of course I know it can get better. Gospel music in Nigeria now is not where it used to be some years ago.

Several changes have occurred and like I always say, there are more platform in which artist can promote and push their talents. Using Praiseworld Radio for example, the inception of the station has given more gospel artists another large platform to be heard as well as reaching out to larger audience not just the Lagos audience.
Praiseworld – Still talking about excellence, your video of “Everything has changed” was fantastic and pretty cool, how did you pull it off? 
ONOS- When it comes to my music / videos, I try as much as I can to make it stand out because I’m under the leadership of Pastor Paul Adefarasin and one thing House on the Rock is known for is excellence. So unconsciously, it rubs off in almost all the project I want to do.
For my videos, I go all out by spending money on costumes, make up and anything that will make it unique. For the video of “Everything has changed” I had several meetings with my stylist ‘BYGE’ and the video director ‘FRIZZLE’ I told them what I wanted and they basically interpreted the different ideas.
We didn’t want anything that will distract viewers from the deep message of the song, we really wanted to keep it simple as well as deep, that was why we went with the idea of having a picture story of me at different stages and phases of my life, something real that the viewers can connect and identify with and basically explain to them how Everything has changed…
During the shoot of the "Everything Has Changed" video
During the shoot of the “Everything Has Changed” video
Praiseworld – Still on “Everything has changed” is there any specific situation God changed in your life that you would like to share as an encouragement to your fans?
ONOS – God has practically changed a lot about me; I am not who I used to be and where I used to be. In terms of chasing my vision and dreams, God has changed a lot about me.
In that angle, these days as am thinking about a plan, I JUST DO IT by taking action, on like before, where I worry a lot and get myself worked up on what if it doesn’t work?
Praiseworld – Were there times that your role as one of the lead vocalist in House on the Rock Church has somewhat conflicted with your music career? If yes, how did you balance it? 
ONOS – They do not conflict; the most important thing here is communication. If you communicate properly to the leadership on what your activities are, then there won’t be any problem, and that’s what I have been doing and like I will always say, talent is not enough as artist you need to have character and discipline, when that is in place you are good to go.
Onos with "Chosen Treasure" - House On The Rock choir
Onos with “Chosen Treasure” – House On The Rock choir
Praiseworld – Is there any memorable/embarrassing stage experience you would love to share or want us to laugh about? 
ONOS- {Chei!!!} Let me think first …… Ok good! I remember singing at a Concert in Asaba and as I was singing, I noticed one of the camera men were trying so hard to get my attention and I was just wondering what the problem was.
I felt he was trying to tell me to move forward that he couldn’t see me properly not knowing that he was desperately trying to tell me to adjust my dress that the linen inside the dress was up and he wanted me to pull it down because it was a white dress and all he could see in his camera was my inner wear and I made it worse by moving forward. He said I moved directly to the light which made the reflection from the light more glaring on me …….{Laughing hard}
Omo! !t wasn’t funny I had to find a way to end what I was singing because it destabilized me. Even the people I was singing to {switches to vernacular} **** come dey whisper dey talk to themselves**** So I advised myself and ran off the stage …. {Laughing}
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