Interview: Tina Campbell talks new book ‘I Need A Day To Pray’ with Parle

Tina Campbell sat and discussed with Parle magazine to talk about her new book I Need A Day To Pray.  The book which comes along with many other features like solo career, acting role and many others will be unleashed later this month. Read the interview below.
Parlé: Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the book,I Need A Day To Pray. I’ve heard pieces of what will be featured but what should readers expect from your first book?

Tina: The book was my personal journey to God. I wasn’t trying to write a book for nobody I was just in such a broken place. I was living this “happy life,” but I had a miserable life. I had a fulfilled life but I had a frustrating life. I had a lot of things that I wanted but I was not happy with a lot of what I supposedly wanted. 
My life was just confused and unhappy. I started writing this prayer at the end of 2012 and then all these things started happening in my life, with my relationship and you know with my father dying, getting sued and changing our whole team, all this stuff started happening within 6 months of this prayer that I started. So I was like God, there’s so much confusion and discontent going on with my life, I don’t want this. I’ma take some time off, I’ma pray, I’ma get refocused and centered and God’s going to help me through this. I did not know all the extra things that God was going to need to help me through, but when all these things started happening in my life I just kept adding more and more to this prayer. And I was just trying to keep my sanity through it all, plus I have five kids that need their momma. I was adding to this prayer every single day, all day because the Bible says that God’s word will do exactly what it says. So I figured let me get into this Bible and find out what God is saying about my life because this stuff will come to pass. 
This is the only option I have any way because money ain’t working and fame ain’t working. My husband can’t buy me back because I ain’t that type of chick. None of the things we’re trying is going to remove the pain. Thirteen months of counseling wasn’t helping as much as what I was reading in the Bible. Nothing is going to bring my daddy back. And we’re still getting sued. I still got these kids, I can’t throw my life away because they need a momma. I’m dealing with all this stuff. So I’m writing this prayer to help me with all these different areas of my life and I just started compiling what I called my 2013 prayer, confession and declaration because it was what I was praying, what I was confessing and what I was declaring over my life. And now I’m living all that stuff.
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